Sunday, 13 July 2014


With the breeding season almost over its time to share some stats.
The Fen has now produced two Bittern nests, which is great news, amazingly they are the first nests for three years. one has finished and been successful, the other female can still be seen conducting feeding flights regularly from reception and Fen hides.
The 10 Marsh harrier nests at the fen now have many juveniles emerging from them, they look so clumsy as they try to land on the scrubby trees. They are instantly recognisable by their dark plumage and bright ginger crowns.
The Otters are putting on regular fishing trips to the Reception Hide, which are giving great views on occasion. I think there are two separate females around the fen, one with a single cub and the the with two cubs.
The moth taps have been yielding some interesting records, nothing overly rare but some nice stuff.
Hopefully the next few weeks will give some waders to look at, 2 Whimbrel flew over on Friday and yesterday there seemed to be quite a few Curlew moving and I was in the office all day.

Acrobasis advenella

Dark Umbar

Leopard moth
Fly sp, looks like a bit of a bad boy, species anyone??

White Admiral- these have had a great year at Strumpshaw


  1. The fly is a Myopa sp. (Thick-headed Flies) - not identifiable to species from photos.

  2. Thanks James, they look pretty evil, I'll look em up and see if I can work out the species next time I see one