Monday, 21 July 2014

Buckenham Black tern + waders

Buckenham is looking pretty good at the moment so I've been visiting the past couple of evenings.
On Saturday eve I had;
4 wood sand
12 green sand
3 Little ringed plover
4 greenshank
4 blackwits
18 Little egrets

Not a bad haul at all so I retuned on sunday evening. There was far less about but still managed;
2 wood,
3 green sands,
38 ruff- a fairly decent number, they are in all different shapes, sizes and colours as always trying their best to look like something more interesting!
at least 1 lrp
...and on the way back I had a patch year tick Black Tern briefly.

I think I'll try again a few nights this week, while the water in the pools is still there. No doubt evaporation will play its part and the pools will be dry very soon :(

The Tern turned up as the light was fading so picks were suitably always!

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