Sunday, 8 June 2014

Odonata Tick!

I seem to be having a bit of a purple patch at the moment....

After a bit of a lul in dragonfly and damselfly additions over the past 3 years I managed to add White Legged Damselfly to my UK list. This is only the second specimen I have ever seen, the previous was in Spain.
I had to take Lizzie, Toby and Doreen to Stansted airport this morning so I thought I'd take a slightly different return journey taking me past Dedham, a site I know WLD occurs at, as well as a site I have not visited before so it was about time went. I had a pleasant hour searching and just found one individual, I would have stayed longer but a lack of coins meant I couldn't park for more than an hr (an increasingly annoying problem with all parking areas these days it seems!!)
The one individual I did see was still very good, a very interesting looking damselfly and quite unique as far as British damsels go, you know what you are looking at as soon as it appears in view!
This is one of the final Odes that I can add to my dragonfly list in Eastern England, the others still yet to see are Yellow winged darter, Brilliant Emerald, Club tailed and Southern Migrant Hawker as well as much rarer and Northern beasties.

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