Friday, 25 April 2014

Whiskered Tern at Rockland

Yesterday afternoon I recieved a phone call in the office letting us know that an adult whiskered tern was at Rockland...Great!! I phoned it into RBA straight away so that people could sus it out asap. I then was faced with two problems, firstly I still had an hour and a half to work and secondly I had no car!! Luckily Ian was going to have a look so I managed to get a lift, just before that a message confirmed that it was one and it was still there...lift accepted!

On entering the hide a lot of the usual local people were present and enjoying relatively distant views of the tern. We watched it for about 45mins, in which time it was busy feeding and doing laps of the broad, mostly distant but it did come close on a few occasions, when it came close I was mainly using binoculars rather than camera (hence the quality of always!!)

It was repoted to fly strongly North West at 7.30ish  so I'm guessing its now gone, hopefully it'l get picked up somewhere else locally, or go to where most WT's go in Norfolk- Hickling!

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