Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Spring has well and truly arrived!

Since my last post, the floodgates have really opened and the fen looks, feels and sounds like its in full bloom (or should that be boom?!)

The migrants started with a Sand Martin on the 23rd March quickly followed by the blackcaps and Willow warblers. Sedge warbler was a bit late this year, although I thought I had heard brief snatches of song early on 28/3, I didnt tick it until 2/4.
One of the highlights so far was a fine male Ring ouzel along the riverbank on one of my rent a warden walks, this was followed by my first little gull for the fen, which lingered for at least 5 days! Although possibly the rarest bird I will find this year was a fine mixed singing Willow/Chiff, this was my first proper mixed singing bird which gave a very intriguing song comprised of a buzzy speeded up chiff-chaff chiff-chaff x6 follwed by a standard willow warbler song, a brief look at the bird showed it to be a willow.
Other than that it has been more routine, but still good quality stuff, like a pair of Garganey, pair of Cranes (which I house ticked yesterday!). The first cuckoo sung on 15/4 as did my first reed warbler. A very pleasant few weeks, I'm just in need of a decent find now to get my points up on PWC, although self finding the cranes come in from distance last week helped a bit! (up to 124 species for Strumpshaw, Buckenham and Cantley now, although I'm running out of expected species now!)

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