Friday, 31 August 2012

Morning seawatch

Seeing the number of seabirds reported off the North Norfolk coast yesterday evening I decided, having been woken up at 4.45 to head out and see what I could find.
I arrived at Waxham at 05.45 and began, the strong Northerly wind had my hopes high but unfortunately there was not as much as hoped for.
My totals were as follows 05.45-08.00

Sooty shearwater-3
Arctic skua- 4 definate with 5possibles
Pom Skua- 1 possible at long range
Manx Shearwater- 1 probable distant
Gannet 100+
Fulmar 26
Things far too distant in the haze, but looking interesting 20+!

There was stuff out there but it was all very distant going up and down on the horizon, there was also a bad heat haze due to a warm sea and cold air temp which didnt help. Good to see the Sotty's though, these passed through at medium-close range which was nice.

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