Friday, 4 November 2011

Who rules the roost?

After an inspiring all day meeting in Cambridge I got back to the reserve to enjoy the sunset. It seems as if the Starlings have returned for another year, possibly helped on by some Easterly winds. Throughout the week there have been small numbers; between 3 and 5 thousand strong. Tonight it seemed as though there were far more, I would estimate that a total of 10,000 or thereabouts roosted. Hopefully these are just the first few, they certainly create a nice end to the day, especially when they fly overhead while tending to a reed/scrub fire. Hopefully they will also attract a few more Harriers, Peregrines, Bitterns and possibly Merlins to feast on the bounty that has presented itself.

1 comment:

  1. Great pictures mate!
    Reminds of being there last year when they put on a fantastic show.
    Hopes to make it down some time soon.
    Happy birding, shaky