Monday, 17 January 2011

first few moths of the year

On Friday I decided that the 9 degrees at midnight war warranted a bit of January moth trapping so set up the mv at work. Slightly dissapointing was the fact that the only 2 moths were caught, and both of them were on the wall, although the pale brindled Beauty was a new one for me the other was a Mottled Umbar. Feeling a little let down I packed up the trap and headed back to the car where I noticed the security light had 5 moths around it! 3 Winter moths, 1 Mottled Umbar and an Early Moth, another new one, typical how a security light did so much better than the moth trap, I have heard that actinic is better for the cold weather moths, perhaps its true??

I have also realised over the past few weeks how much I am missing insects, I cant wait for spring to get to grips with the moths, dragonflies, hoverflies, bees and whatever else I decide on in the area, I shouldn't wish my life away but I bet I'm not alone in wanting spring to appear.
I have the target of 500 species of moth this year and have a list of new species to target, so far I have the 2 I can get in Jan so all good so far!

After that excitement the weekend was spent doing things other than birding although I did do a Hen Harrier roost count at Strumpshaw on Sunday afternoon. I got a few reserve yearticks including a surprise flyby female Goosander, very nice, however the nearby Red necked grebe still has not come onto the reserve. Totals for Harriers included 15 Marsh and 3 Hens, not bad considering it was pretty windy. The strumpshaw list is now up to 81 and the year list is up to 119, still plenty of time to go!

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