Friday, 21 January 2011

Buckenham/Cantley Counts

A nice sunny day to do the Buckenham and Cantley counts was a bit of a bonus, as was the sheer numbers of birds about.
For the first time in ages there were Lapwings, Wigeon and Whitefronts all over the place, probably due to the thawing ground. When I first saw all the geese at Cantley they were quite distant, luckily a Buzzard decided to land on the gate post next to them scattering them overhead and back to Cantley, probably quite annoying the 30+ twitchers on burnt house lane! Its amazing how many people are still coming for the Lesser whitefront, a total of 46 while I was there, on a Friday too.

Final counts of the morning were;
Wigeon- 3573
Lapwing- 2610 (for the past 5 weeks the peak has been 250ish!)
Ruff- 9
Taiga Beans- 117
Whitefronts- 267
Lesser whitefront-1
Pinks- 12- (about 1500 flew over Norwich down the valley towards Buckenham last night)
Golden plover 146

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