Monday, 6 September 2010

Migrants at strumpy?

A windy day at the Fen today, I didnt do any real birding as had a fair bit to do. I did however have to right a Kingfisher perch in front of Fen Hide and naturally I took my bins. A few bits about today, most interestingly there was a mixed flock 10-15 Willow warbler/chiffchaffs near the new pond dipping platforms, fresh in perhaps due to the Easterly?? 1 Osprey still present as well as 2 spotted Flycatchers, 2 Hobby's and an Otter swimming in front of Brick Hide briefly.
On another note I have opened up the small pool next to the Brick Hide in the hope of increasing the likelihood of seeing Water Voles, it does looks peachy now so hopefully they will be seen more frequently. Looks like we have some rain set in for the next few days, still no car so cant get to the coast...migrant hotspot bashing withdrawal symptoms beginning!

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