Saturday, 4 September 2010

A day of digging cley

Today myself and 11 volunteers had to 'plug a hole' in the river bank to prevent it flooding...again. This consisted of digging about 3 tonnes of cley and transporting it by wheelbarrow to the gap in the bank. Hard work, but the location was very attractive and we had a bonus flyover Osprey to lift spirits too. All in all a good day with the task being successfully finished.

Yesterday I managed to photograph 2 of the Willow Emeralds mating, they are slightly odd in the damselfly world as they lay their eggs in branches overhanging ditches and standing water. The eggs then hatch and drop into the water, not exactly sure what the advantage of this is, but at least they dont have to venture to the waters edge. The photo shows the female laying said eggs into the bark of the willow...Does this count as a breeding attempt or do I still need to find exuviae??

Day off tomorrow but still have no car so can't visit the coast, oh well moth trap set at Strumpshaw and another day at the Fen me thinks.

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