Sunday, 22 February 2015

White -(in)- Front of the reception hide

A Sunday in the office was brightened up by a slightly odd occurance; I went to make sure the volunteers were ok in reception when I noticed a small goose flying high heading towards us. I could see belly bars so instantly knew it was a White-front, what surprised me was that it landed on the broad.... headed towards reception and hauled out with the greylags. An amazingly close view for the reserve, usually they are only seen at Buckenham and are always weary. Its a bit of a shame that is was getting dusky and was so gloomy or else the shots would be a bit better. I'm not sure exactly of the age of this bird, the belly bars would suggest it is an adult but the lack of good blaze possibly suggests otherwise??? Its right cheek has a small dark patch, I wonder if this is the reason for it being a little lost/unaware, it could well have been ill and that was the only physical detail showing it. it was shaking its head from time to time which furthers the possibility of the dark spot being a tick or similar. I'm not sure but it was a belter of a bird for the reception hide!


  1. Brilliant photo's of the White front Ben. Right place right time