Wednesday, 12 February 2014

A week off and a day of Greys

Looks like I chose a bit of a wet week to take off....

In between fixing the fence in the garden and decorating our bedroom I managed to get out and about in the rain yesterday and in quite pleasant conditions this morning.
Yesterday I decided since it was raining all day that I would look at other peoples birds- first stop was the 2 barred crossbill at Hoveton. I arrived at 8 to an empty car park and realised that in the rush to beat the rain I had forgotten my tripod! Its quite a nice place so enjoyed having it all to myself, although it was not until 9.30 that I heard my first crossbills (both common). At 10.30 I decided that I'd had enough so left the larch belt, at 10.32 the 2bxbill flew into the larch belt!!! Luckily a couple that were present very kindly shouted after me letting me know that a flock of crossbills had flown into the trees, it did not take long to pick the bird in question out. So in the driving rain (I'm sure it stepped up a notch when the bird appeared) there I was balencing my ED50 on my knee pointing it up at 60 degrees to find the bird- a bit tricky but I got good views if a little wobbly. A nice bird and only the second I have ever seen, so also a Norfolk tick. (No photos obviously, but may possibly go back on Friday if weather is looking any better)
After the crossbill I headed to the trinity broads where I picked up the smart female Scaup, then home for lunch.
Edit: typically both the scaup and the crossbill are looking a little dodgy now. The scaup shows inconsistencies with the bill tip and pale band, flank colour and peaked appearance of the hind crown. The crossbill has issues too, why couldn't it be a nice adult like they had in the midlands!
Neither of the above birds have made it onto my year list/ Norfolk list unfortunately....

Today I opted for an early start to again beat the forecast rain, I stayed local and did Strumpshaw, seeing a Little Owl on the way in and getting lovely views of Bittern, 2 Otters a couple of Water pipit and a number of Marsh Harriers I also picked up my first Grey Wag of the year at Strumpshaw. After completing the circuit there was still no rain so I headed to Buckenham. Highlight of the day here with a Grey Plover with Ruff and Dunlin, not an easy bird in the Mid Yare so nice to 'get that under the belt' so early in the year. Apart from that the 2 Peregrines were taunting the Teal from their lookout point 150+ Whitefronts and 400+ Pinks and another Water Pipit near Buckenham Station.

I then came back home and added 2 more fence panels to the garden fence (not a good day due to the wind) but I managed ok, just 1 more to put up and I'm done...finally!

Tomorrow I have a family day, where we plan to go to the Horsey area for a walk followed by a valentines lunch at the Bridge in Acle. Hopefully there will be something to blog about before the weeks end, looking at the weather outside there should be a few displaced birds about! 


  1. Next time we bump into each other, can you tell me where you saw the Little Owl????