Monday, 2 December 2013

Foot it 2014

I have just signed up to the footit competition. This is a competition whereby you see how many species you can see from your house by foot. Unlike the patch size of patchwork challenge, the allowence is just 1 mile radius from my house, it also just runs for January.
My target is 80 species, which is do-able but will be pretty tricky. A more realistic target would be 70 sp but where's the fun in that!
My 1 mile radius includes a bit of sub-urban, some overgrown fen/scrub, a river, small wooded areas (alder/willow carr), a couple of arable fields, grazing pasture (and the reedbed alongside Lackford run, although I'll only use this in emergencies!)

Here are the maps, should be fun!

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