Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Wild Swans added

This week has been much like last...snowy!
Yesterday I did a survey over at Buckenham and Cantley which was fairly productive for birds of prey, not a huge amount else present, considering the time of the year.
highlights included;
6 Bewicks Swans- a patch year tick- flew low over  my head-very nice!
44 Taiga Bean geese
2 possible Tundra Beans- not confirmed
1 Peregrine
3 Kestrels
1 Short Eared Owl
1 ringtail Hen Harrier
3 Common Buzzards
1 very pale Buzzard only seen perched- looked v interesting but not enough seen to say it wasn't a common.
but only 1000 Wigeon and just a single Lapwing!

Today out doing scrub control in the fen (hard work in the snow and reeds! we managed a group of 7 Whooper Swans over the fen- another patch yeartick- both swans added in as many days...nice!

Snow seems to be thawing at the moment, although the reserve is still 98% frozen and very little doing on the reserve itself- once the thaw really gets going I'm hoping a few things drift in.

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