Monday, 7 May 2012

1st self find tick since 'that' goose!

After quite a few weeks of being faithful to the Waxham area I finally scored a bit of luck this morning.

The past 4 visits have held quite a lot of the expected species of common migrants including good numbers of Lesser and common Whitethroats, a few Garden Warblers and a ring ouzel on each visit, (the Hoopoe too) which is not bad going. But given the track record of the area and the fact that it is only watched by a few people I always feel this is one of those places to find (good) stuff for yourself. I must admit as I walked back towards my car this morning I was feeling as though I had not got just reward from my efforts in recent weeks, when all of a sudden a Red Rumped Swallow appeared over the dunes about 10 metres inland of me! It flew by in an all to brief appearance but was close enough to see all necessary features, a cracker of a bird and just what I needed to boost my birding enthusiasm. I do love finding good birds and getting that rush of adrenalin, especially on days where the east wind is blowing with fronts coming up from the South, I didn't see another birder between 6.30 and 10.30 either, which surprised me given the conditions!

I have almost self found RRS before at Winterton, I received a text saying one was on its way south past Waxham while I was at Winterton (this very weekend) 3 years ago, sure enough Dad and I picked it up coming towards us, as I say not quite a self find. This one most certainly was a full self find (288) doesn't sound as if it was seen by anyone else further South either?

A great morning,often it is just 1 bird that can make the difference!

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  1. Great work Ben! Like me you enjoy finding rare birds (and cleary have a better track record!) Here's to more quality birds this Spring.