Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Green surprise

A quick update from a day on the Surlingham side of the river. I had to do a couple of short WeBS counts as well as take the water salinity across the site today, a good excuse to get out there and see whats about.

The highlights of the day included;
-7 Goosander (2 Drakes) at Rockland Broad
-2 Barn Owls- Rockland
-1 Green Sandpiper near Coldham Hall Pub. A slight surprise as it took off from a few metres from my feet, it must be the wintering individual that has been seen a couple of times since November in the area.
-70+ Redpoll, at the East end of surlingham Village- Not easy to be sure but it looked like there were a couple of Mealy's in with the flock, certainly a few pale looking birds, but light was not good....must return with scope and pick out that Arctic(!)
-2 Woodcock 1 at SCM and 1 at Rockland

Unfortunately failed to see any Brass band Bullfinches on my travels but I'm sure the trumpeter will still be around somewhere nor were there any Smew on Rockland Broad.

Other recent bits include LWFG again yesterday at Buckenham and a Jack Snipe also at Buckenham.

A check of salinities at Strumpshaw tomorrow should enable me to have a bit of a count up of Jack/Snipe and Water Pipits, with a bit of luck they will oblige.

Will dust off the moth trap by the end of the week if the temperatures continue to climb

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