Tuesday, 3 January 2012

New Year's resolutions

A month without an update oh dear, busy times.

I was lucky enough to whisked away for Christmas with Ruth and my family to the Lake District, we had a week staying just East of Hawswater which was very good indeed. The bird highlights were thin on the ground as expected in December but I saw my first Dippers in England for 5+yearsand a Red Squirrel that Ruth spotted was my first in Cumbria. So after a weeks walking in the mountains and having a jolly family holiday Ruth and I fell ill with Laryngitis, all better for the start of the working year though(!).
Marsh Warbler

So 2011, briefly;
I managed
223 sp of bird in the UK
205 sp in Norfolk
150 sp in Mid Yare Valley
131 sp at Strumpshaw Fen
I added 10 new species to my UK list, including such stunners as male collard flycatcher and songsters such as the incredible Marsh Warbler.

Moths: 377 sp
taking my total up to 613
79 new species found in 2011

Just one new ode- Southern Damselfly

at the begining of the year i proposed;
-The old favourites are to find Savi's, Marsh and Icterine Warblers in Norfolk/Suffolk, all of which are overdue UK ticks.
-See 130 bird species at Strumpshaw Fen(I think this is a fair target but will reassess if needed).
-Get my bird year list back up to the 250 mark, should be very do-able in Norfolk.
-Aim to get 500 species of moth in the year and really get to grips with micros.
-Add 3 species of dragonfly to my UK list.
-Start identifying Hoverflies and Grasshoppers/Crickets

So I failed on many of the hopes but did get 131 on the Strumpshaw list 1 more than the target and got to see Marsh warbler.

In 2012 I plan to;

-concentrate on my Mid Yare and garden bird list
-chill out a bit and go even shorter distances to go out birding.
-not really bother with a UK year list
-only go for new species to my UK list (only in Norfolk or N Suffolk, of course)
 -species on top of the want/find list are Savis and Icterine Warbler, its got to be time now!
-carry on mothing and try to target new habitats to increase number of species seen
-teach myself some new taxa;
   -fen plants
   -increase knowledge of trees and shrubs
   -try to id as much of everything as possible in the garden (!)
   -start identifying bees, hoverflies, grasshoppers, crickets and bats.

That should keep me busy enough!
I suspect I am pushing it a bit with that lot but I may get started with the theory and basics of some of the identifications of the new taxa.
I'm looking forward to embracing a new set of challenges

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